Templates are regular HTML documents. They can be generated in any number of ways, including using Google Docs for instance and exporting as HTML.

You can personalize you templates using reserved keywords. Some of these keyword refer to the whole document, others to individual items. Item (and tag) keywords must be located within a table.

Overall keywords:

  • {{account}} : account name
  • {{date}} : current date
  • {{quantity}} : total quantity of items
  • {{amount.ET}} : total amount excluding tax
  • {{amount.TX}} : total amount including tax
  • {{amount.IT}} : total tax amount
  • {{tax}} : total tax ratio

Items keywords:

  • {{#date}}: item date
  • {{#tax}}: item tax ratio
  • {{#quantity}}: item quantity
  • {{#amount.ET}}: item amount excluding tax
  • {{#amount.IT}}: item amount including tax
  • {{#amount.TX}}: item tax amount

Tag keywords (replace listname by the name of the list of tags, for instance products):

  • {{#tag.listname.name}} : tag name
  • {{#tag.listname.tax}} : tag tax ratio
  • {{#tag.listname.unitValue}} : tag unit value (excluding tax)
  • {{#tag.listname.value.ET}} : tag unit value excluding tax
  • {{#tag.listname.value.IT}} : tag unit value including tax
  • {{#tag.listname.value.TX}} : tag unit tax amount